Current Weekly Events


Sunday School - 9:30 am - We offer classes for all ages

Worship Service - 10:30 am - We offer a blended service with communion every week.

Bible Study - 4:30 pm - Lead by Pastor Don Spurlock


Krafter's Korner - 10:00 am - Join us for crafts.  There are many talented women that join us.  If you are interested in learning a craft we will help.


Praise team practice 5:30- Come enjoy an hour of worship and song open to anyone interested in praising our Lord… This weeks Practice is for our Youth participating in the Praise Team for Youth Sunday


12:30 Bible Study- Here at First Christian Church

1:00 Bible Study- Meets at Parkvue Assisted Living. Contact Karen Stewart for more information.

Upcoming Special Events

April 14

Palm Sunday

April 19

Good Friday Service- Starting at 7:00 PM to be performed by our very own FCC Youth

April 21

Easter Sunday- Details to be announced.

April 28

Board Meeting- Open to all members of the Congregation

Called to Service

Special Music


10th- Ned 17th- Debbie 24th- Betty 31st- Judy


7th- Sirka 14th- Ned 21st- Praise Team 28th- Caleb & Kami


5th- Judy 12th- Sirka 19th- Ned 26th- Don


2nd- Betty 9th- Judy 16th- Ned 23rd- Sirka 30th- Debbie